Who says you cannot travel
during the Monsoon?

Many travelers have a misconception that travelling to Nepal during the monsoon season isn’t worthwhile and enjoyable. Similarly, some believe that there aren’t adequate riveting activities to experience in Nepal at this time of the year. However, many are oblivious of the fact that a visit during the monsoon can be extremely worthwhile and enjoyable if one is aware of the various enthralling activities they can be a part of.

Here is a compact list of things you can do and activities you can enjoy if you land up in Nepal during the time when its bustling streets are soaked by rain showers.

  1. The dark bluish pregnant clouds are pouring down water on the streets, and the earthen ground below is completely drenched, yet you still have the enthusiasm to explore around; where do you go? Go visit a heritage site around Kathmandu. Almost all of Nepal aesthetic heritage sites are open and safe to visit during the monsoon. You can either be adventurous and take a walk (obviously with an umbrella or a breathable rain gear) to the nearest heritage site, or take a cab. Visit the mesmerizing Swaymbunath or enjoy the architectural beauty of Patan Durbar Square; the options are endless.
  2. If you enjoy learning about the culture and are basically a fan of history then you should go visit a museum. You can go visit the Naryanhiti Palace museum located at the northern end of Durbar Marg. You can see first hand how the nepali royals lived, and sadly also ultimately perished in these premises. Similarly, you can drop by Patan Museum or National Museum of Nepal, to have a look at their exclusive collection of historical artwork, coins, weapons and more. You’ll get to learn about Buddhism, Hinduism and the royal and army lineage of the country by visiting these two sites.
  3. If you’re wanting to get some exercise and pick up a quick game – Go play some futsal or squash. There are myriad futsal arenas and a few squash courts spread around Kathmandu and Lalitpur, which charge at an hourly rate and a perfect for a good round of exercise with locals.
  4. Now if you are actually planning to laze the day off and are not in a mood to do some good old exploring of the Kathmandu City, keep things simple. There are a lots of cozy cafes around Thamel , where you can sit down with a good book , enjoy a hot cup of coffee along with some classic Nepali style momos, while listing to the soothing sound of the rain. La Dolce Vita will be a great option if you want to relish some authentic Italian delicacies and The Roadhouse Café will be perfect for some mouthwatering pizza and pasta, which lucky for you, is located just below Hotel Roadhouse. Similarly, you can go watch a movie at the Chaaya Center in Thamel or do some shopping.

After a long day of exploring the city while it is rainy and humid at the same time you deserve a place where you can come back and wind down. “Hotel Roadhouse”, a four floored boutique hotel, situated in the heart of the vivacious Thamel, is the correct and economic option to choose while you are in Nepal. The hotel is a tribute to the ancient Newari culture and heritage and is the finest blend of modern and ancient. The façade of the hotel showcases the ancient Newari construction, while the interiors of the hotel is filled with contemporary and modern day amenities. The exterior of the hotel is styled and built up using bricks (a design rarely seen outside of Nepal), along with deftly carved wood work. The Road House hotel is an ode to the rich Newari Architecture and is a remarkable attempt to preserve and bring back such exquisite architectural designs back, while blending it seamlessly into the modern style of living.

The rooms here are divided into three categories; Deluxe, Premium and Suites. All rooms are equipped with modern day comforts and all extremely well furnished. Guests are welcome to choose their room type according to their needs and preferences. Staff members here are well trained, hospitable, and are always looking forward to help you have an overwhelmingly memorable stay.

Ergo, you can undoubtedly travel to Nepal during the monsoon season and can have an amazing stay at the Hotel Roadhouse. However you should abide by the following unwritten rules if you are planning to travel to Nepal during this time of the year;

  1. Bring good quality breathable rain gear
  2. Ensure your footwear is either waterproof or easy to dry
  3. Bring waterproof bags for your electronics