Unravel Thamel

5 Places not to miss
Whether you are keen to spend a relaxing time with your family, enjoy a Friday night with your friends, or do some quick street shopping; our good old streets of Thamel have a little something for everyone. Thamel might be one of the oldest tourism hubs of Kathmandu Valley, yet it is undoubtedly the most cherished one. Thamel alleyways have been an all-time favorite to unravel, for both local, and foreign travelers.
Here are the top five exciting and surreal activities you can experience in Thamel:
Authentic Italian Dining
If you are roaming around Thamel and crave for some authentic Italian cuisine, you can drop by “La Dolce Vita”; a restaurant profound for serving ambrosial Italian food and ambience. Here, you can relish a variety of Italian dishes – from mouthwatering Pasta Carbonara to some scrumptious Mushroom Risotto.
Enjoy the regal tranquility
Thamel also has some wonderful hideaways for people who want to escape the busy and stressful city life, connect with nature, and wind down. Garden of Dreams is one such place where people who are fond of tranquil spaces, can sit back, laze, read a book or gaze at the variety of plants and flowers. The Garden is built in a classic Edwardian style and as its name suggests, is regal and almost ethereal. Ergo, Garden of Dreams should totally be in one’s “places to visit in Thamel” list, especially if they are a nature enthusiast.
The Monkey Temple
Swayambhunath temple, also known as the “monkey temple” could be a close by visit, located (3km) to the West of Thamel. This is the perfect place to catch scenic vistas of the Kathmandu City. The site itself has stood as a symbol of faith, peace and solidarity for centuries. Swayambhunath is one of the most divine Buddhist Chaityas in Nepal and is the oldest of its kind. A huge number of both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims come to visit the temple. Hence, this shrine is also one of the biggest hallmarks of religious tolerance and harmony in Nepal.
Diversified Shopping Experience
Thamel is also a shopping hub for many shopaholics. One can find anything and everything here – from trekking goods, cloths ware, woolen items, to authentic Nepali handicrafts and souvenirs; the options are endless. You can either do street shopping while roaming around the mazelike streets, loaded with unlimited hidden surprises and amusements or you can visit the Chhaya Center; a multi-faceted Mega Complex, harboring 200 first-string Retail Stores including international outlets, also featuring many homes grown brands. Chhaya Center is definitely a “dream come true for all shopaholics”. This Multiplex is not only a home to clothing stores but also houses Multiplex Theatres, Corporate Offices, Banquet Center, Conference Halls, Casino, Discotheque, Food Court under the same room. Chhaya Center is a realm of its own and is unquestionably a “Thamel within Thamel”.
A fun physical challenge
Astrek climbing wall – the tallest rock climbing wall also lies with the premises of Thamel and is definitely worth a visit if you are trying to unlock some muscles and sweat out that pizza you ate yesterday. There are twenty different climbing routes for all experience levels and two grand bouldering walls for those who enjoy a full-bodied climb. The staff members here are trained and extremely diligent and are always looking forward to guide you at all times and help you have an indelible climb.

After you have had a long and tiring day by visiting all the nook and corners of Thamel you definitely need a good hotel to come back and unwind. Hotel Roadhouse, a perfect blend of modern-day architecture and traditional Newari Heritage, always aspiring to provide the best possible experience. Our hotel is a tribute to the ancient Newari culture and heritage. Its ambiance has definitely made the memories of the olden day Kathmandu Valley and Newari architecture fresher. The façade of the hotel showcases the ancient Newari construction, while the interiors of the hotel is filled with contemporary and modern-day amenities. The exterior of our hotel is styled and built up using bricks (a design rarely seen outside Nepal) along with deftly carved wood work. The Road House hotel is an ode to the rich Newari Architecture and is a remarkable attempt to preserve and bring back such exquisite architectural designs back, while blending into the modern style of living. Hotel Roadhouse lies in the heart of Thamel alongside the iconic Roadhouse Café. The rooms here are divided into three categories; Deluxe, Premium and Suites. All rooms are equipped with modern day comforts and all extremely well furnished. Guests are welcome to choose their room type according to their needs and preferences. Staff Members here are well trained, hospitable, and are always looking forward to help you have an overwhelmingly memorable stay. Guests also have an easy access to the Road House Café which lies alongside the hotel. Here you can enjoy a wide range of palatable delicacies and the cozy atmosphere.

Ergo, you are just a short walk away from relishing ambrosial dishes, enjoying the serene atmosphere of a classic Edwardian style garden, witnessing the ancient beauty of an UNESCO world heritage site, and climbing the tallest bouldering wall of Nepal, from the humble abode in Kathmandu-Hotel Roadhouse. If you choose to book a room here you are certainly going to enjoy best of both the worlds; a feel of historical Newari heritage and contemporary modern-day comforts.