The Window

Kathmandu valley has a long and robust relationship with wooden crafts. The valley and the name itself comes from an old building made completely out of wood. Kasthamandap, sadly destroyed in the 2015 earthquake, was an architectural magnificence believed to have been carved out of a single Sal tree.
The whole Kathmandu valley is home to refined archaeological timeless woodworks and owes much of its crafts to the rich heritage of Newari culture. Stepping into the next generation, there has been a lot of effort put in to incorporate the best of yesterday with a vision for the future. Amidst that idea of fusing cultural inheritance with modern brilliance we look at the emblematic peacock window molded into the boutique modern facility of Hotel Roadhouse. The peacock window symbolizes the hotel as a whole. The hotel aligns with the intricate woodwork designs symbolizing the values of the Hotel, paying tribute to refined Newari heritage. The attention to detail resonates with both the window and the aspirations of the facility.
The hotel is centrally located in one of the most iconic streets of Thamel and it takes inspiration from the newari culture from all over the valley. The visually appealing intricate works of the windows reminds visitors of the culturally rich square of Bhaktapur. There resides an iconic window dating back to almost the 15th century and presents one of the finest sculptures crafted by the Newari craftsmen. Located in Tachapal tole, just beside the Durbar Square, the surroundings are full of timeless artefacts representing heritage of the valley’s indigenous groups. Though the building that gave Kathmandu valley its name fell in the earthquake of 2015, the peacock window managed to survive the disaster. Now the Pujari Math holds numerous other windows with beautiful carvings done by the most able hands of Bhaktapur but the peacock window stands out as an ageless human creation. An effort to pay tribute to finest, Hotel Roadhouse makes an effort to bring one of the most iconic windows of Bhaktapur to the capital and pay homage to a creation we all admire.
This effort can further be seen in Hotel Roadhouse, a boutique facility aiming to provide a Newari household experience equipped with all the modern amenities. Your Roadhouse experience is a culmination of a concerted effort to share the newari culture and heritage, and fuse it with contemporary needs to make it a holistic experience in the heart of Thamel.