Pizza Never Goes Out Of Style In Style Since 1992

In Style Since 1992

Hotel Roadhouse is a part of Nepal’s first pizza chain restaurants where throughout its years of establishment and frequent change in trends we have witnessed that wood fired pizza is not just an item, it’s our passion!

Since our establishment in 1992, located in the heart of the city of Kathmandu where today stands Hotel Roadhouse and Roadhouse Cafe, where in the initial days both the properties held very different and individual identities. The Roadhouse Group today is widely known for its signature woodfire pizzas, but in the earlier years in that property where it all started hosted a regular restaurant which later extended to an apartment hotel and converted its space beside it as Roadhouse Cafe - where the journey to becoming Nepal’s leading pizza chain began. In the year 2018, the property beside Roadhouse Cafe was completed and is now known as Hotel Roadhouse.

Roadhouse Group has constantly improved its wood fired pizzas to deliver the best pizza in Kathmandu and also the best pizza experience to our customers. This amalgam of our dedication and love is a signature item on our menu today and widely recognised for serving the best pizzas in Kathmandu as well as in the other parts of Nepal.

Currently, Roadhouse has maintained its standards with constant quality checks and improvisations and evolution of taste and culture of Pizza making. The Pizza varieties consist of fulfillments for vegetarians, meat lovers, cheese enthusiasts and local generic people making it highly chosen by the pizza lovers, foodies, tourists and also the local foodie enthusiasts.

Roadhouse Group has committed to maintaining the high quality and standards in our Pizzas. Thus our customers have become accustomed to it.

Pizzas at Roadhouse are carefully crafted Authentic Italian inspired Artisan Pizzas which have their own special and unique characteristics of being light and digestive to one’s palette.

Our chefs bakes the pizza within the Roadhouse outlets in wood fired and electric ovens.

Initially the pizza chain was known especially for its wood fired pizzas that became famous amongst tourists during its early years with outlets in Thamel known as a Roadhouse Cafe Thamel and La Dolce Vita, the chains expanded to other parts of the kathmandu with its gaining demand for wood fired pizzas it started becoming more loved by the local communities, pizza lovers and now with trends shifting towards leisure dining Roadhouse Group has outlets spread over the city with five Roadhouse Cafes, Roadhouse Pizzeria, The classic, stylish, luxurious Mezze By Roadhouse & two franchises under Roadhouse Pizza at Bhaisepati and Battisputali. There are two more franchises coming up at Basantpur and thecho really soon.

The Dough crafted for the pizza at Roadhouse is tended daily with a blend of skilled craftsmanship and Ingredients that are carefully sourced from trusted vendors both local and imported, which makes it the best pizza in kathmandu.

The signature artisan pizzas are thereafter hand stretched and baked to perfection which comes out soft chewy, crisply charred, both tender and crackling crisp on the bottom, blistered and smoky from the baking process in the oven.

Widely recognized around the country for its signature artisan pizzas where we believe its success comes from commitment to quality which is also what sets us apart among the pizzerias in Nepal. You will know that each pizza was made with special care and attention with every bite you take as Roadhouse assures: Real Good Taste . Real Good Time and that we thrive to never let Pizzas Go Out Of Style!