Explore boudha for Hotel

Boudhnath, one of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world, lies about 9 km northeast of the boutique property, Hotel Roadhouse, Thamel. A 25 minute taxi drive will take you to this magnificent place of Vajrayan Buddhism and the Tibetans consider it their most sacred place of worship outside of Tibet. The Newari people call it Khāsti Chaitya. The stupa has been constructed on a massive mandala. The original structure was built around the 5th Century, according to one legend, by a widow and her four sons. The woman ,who had a chicken farm , requested land the skin of her chicken will cover so that she could build a stupa. The bemused king granted her wish. The clever woman carefully cut the skin into a thin thread and marked the land she needed . It is believed that it is the land the superstructure presently covers. She and her four sons built a huge mound of mud and a tower-like structure. The present structure took from around the 14th century.

The ancient trade route from India to Tibet passes through Lalitpur, Baudha, Sankhu and beyond. Hence Baudha became an important place of worship and rest for Newa, Tibetans and other traders. It was especially popular with Tibetans for centuries. This is the reason many Tibetan refugees flooded this place when China invaded Tibet. Today there are more than 50 gompas around Boudha and the adjoining hills and the number is growing. Buddha was born on a full moon day and the day has been named Buddha purnima. This day is celebrated with great fanfare and is not to be missed.

Nepal lies in an active seismic zone and Baudhnath has been affected by both earthquakes and lightning in the past, the latest by the Nepal earthquake of 2015. The stupa was badly damaged but the community and Government officials worked together in its reconstruction. The Buddhist community collected the needed resources and rebuilt the structure at a cost of more than $2million.

There are many hotels, antique shops, restaurants serving cuisines from different parts of the world and towards your right hand-side from the entrance you will find Roadhouse Cafe serving its best wood-fired pizzas overlooking the stupa where you will find yourself being seated at one of the best spot in the stupa lane.