A smaller version of the mystical Swoyambhu, lies a leisurely 10 minutes walk down south from Hotel Roadhouse in Shreegha, Naghal. There are two options to reach Shreegha, via Thahity or via Chhetrapati Chwok. Though ancient records reveal that the Shreegha Chaitya was built around 5th-6th century, some say it was built around 1650A.D. It is believed to have been built for devotees who could not walk up the steep steps of Swoyambhu.

There are 45 Buddhist stupas (chaityas) and 6 Hindu shrines. Just as in Swoyambhu, there are temples dedicated to the grandmotherly goddess Harati who is believed to protect young children from various illnesses, the goddess of learning Saraswoti and the mythical symbol of thunderbolt as well as an important religious artifact in Vajrayan Buddhism, the Vajra. There are also shrines dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, his son the elephant headed Ganesh, and Bhairab/Kali. Devotees pay respect to both the Buddhists shrines and to the Hindu gods. It is a living proof of the religiously tolerant way of life of the Newars.

Until two decade ago, local farmers used to sun dry their newly harvested rice grains on the hot stone tiles and some people from the Himalayas used to camp here to escape the harsh winter.