Amongst the towns that still boast on its authentic culture, Newari architecture, tradition and lifestyle, Khokana would probably top the list in Kathmandu. It is considered one of the oldest Newar community in the valley, with its main economy still agriculture and production of mustard oil. Khokana takes pride in its excellent quality of mustard oil production that is a household product in the Nepalese community that’s used for cooking as well as health benefits.

Only about 7 kilometers from Hotel Roadhouse (considered to be one of the best boutique hotel in Thamel) the streets, porches and courtyards of Khokana can be seen with rice, grains and mustards drying out in the sun. Rudrayani temple, 15th century architecture built during the Malla dynasty which was the reason how Khokana was established. Not only that, Khokana was the first village in Nepal to get electricity during the Rana period. No wonder it is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage site. There are also a number of ponds around the temple that get water from the traditional canal. The temple and the pond are the major attraction of tourists during the “Sikhali Jatra” and “Rudrayani Jatra” to see the unique practices followed by the locals in Khokana which is not seen anywhere else.

In a nutshell, Khokana is a must visit location if you want to see the Newari culture of Kathmandu in its still traditional and true form. While you’re with us at Hotel Roadhouse, we make sure you enjoy mouthwatering Newari food as well as bring home pure healthy mustard oil made by wooden mills. The town shall definitely give you a taste of great architecture, a look of a vernacular village in the modern era and practice of old but functional traditional trades of the entire community.

Being centrally located in the heart of Thamel, our Newari heritage hotel is a perfect location for tourists who wants to experience the nook and corners of Kathmandu. Khokana being a living museum, we, Hotel Roadhouse guarantee this experience to be worthwhile.