This International Women’s Day, we would like to share a bit about the Executive Director at Hotel Roadhouse, Ms. Anjana Kayestha. She wears multiple hats, and makes running her own business, the hotel and being the complete family woman look easy. More power to her vision:
Can you share a little bit about yourself? Your journey highlights up until Hotel Roadhouse came into existence.

I don’t know where to start. Well, lets start from my Instagram handle @befitwithanzana. It comes from my fitness studio, Be Fit. Fitness came into life the mid-2010s. Earlier to that, I was running Arcadia Apartments, a serviced apartment facility operating right where Hotel Roadhouse stands today.

I have a background of social work from my education, and sharp management finesse provided by my network of people that surround me. I’ve had my share of amazing opportunities which I’ve made the most of.

Hotel Roadhouse: Vision and Mission.

This hotel envisages all that we learned and endured as a family. With my mother-in-law initiating the idea of a hospitality and service-oriented facility as early as the 70s, Hotel Roadhouse is a tribute to what lies within this city. This is a city hotel designed to stand along with the framework of the city. A tribute built to last along with the past and seamlessly merge with the future.

The mission is to re-assess your travelling choices. To let you experience the best of both worlds while you set out to explore.

Who inspires you? Whom do you look up to?

For me, inspiration comes from within. Within my identity of being a Kayestha, comes a strong drive of pushing for better. I cannot take much inspiration from external people as I observe from far out, for my inspiration I look within my own household.

Already in the business as one of the biggest names, Roadhouse, were there any challenges while executing the idea of a Hotel?

We’re in a city full of challenges. Somehow confined by all that surrounds us but also at the same time, liberated. In our family, my husband creates all these projects from his inspirations, experiences and emotions.

After Temple Tree, Hotel Roadhouse is our second step towards this hospitality sector. Temple tree is a far away destination, a bit away from the city but Hotel Roadhouse is in the city. A tribute to the city where art thrives. Creating two different things is always a challenge but we’ve handled it well as a finely tuned group of people.

As leading women of Hotel Roadhouse, how often do you feel there is a glass ceiling for women in this business sector?
I always think women are doing so much more. Even from the earliest of times women had multifaceted jobs. I feel we should not be confined by why we always have to do more, instead we should always aspire to make the most of these chances and always try to do more
Hotel Roadhouse, is a boutique facility with such finely crafted ideas. How do you see it flourishing over the next decade?

What kind of culture is the Roadhouse brand trying to introduce?

Hotel Roadhouse is a city hotel. A structure standing along with the city, and providing a unique experience to all those who want to go an extra mile to make their time in Kathmandu the perfect one.

These ideas are all part of the city, the city we want to build. A culture we want to set of luxury that people are ready to explore within the structures of the city. Coming from someone who is a part of a swanky brand of Mezze by Roadhouse, Hotel Roadhouse is a beautiful idea to curate all that the city symbolizes for us inside a glorious façade.

Roadhouse in the future.
As the next generation brings new ideas and trends, how is Roadhouse going to embrace such changes?

As a finely operated family business, will we see your daughters taking this brand into the future?

We can already see the strong engagement of my niece with Mezze by Roadhouse. She has been engaged with the culture of what she has seen and has grown fond of, along with her growing age.

My daughter, well she’s almost 10, but she accompanies me during my visit to all our outlets. We want our children to be a part of what we’ve all built together. After a certain period of time, they are the ones responsible of carrying on this legacy. Our daughters have been a part of all that we have to tell you about and they will stay a part of it. We as parents can give a little sense of direction without hinting an enforcing nature, but our daughters have grown up with us and chosen their own style.

Balancing your roles, giving time to the hotel, yourself and your beloved ones. How do you handle multiple hats?

As women, we are capable of doing anything we set our minds to. I truly believe that with our multifaceted nature we are more capable of what we give ourselves credit for. Balancing work and personal life is easy if you know what your priorities are.

As Kayesthas, we deeply value family and our roots as we ensure finding quality time for all even on a tight schedule. It's all about cleverly managing what's given to you. I personally find it quite easy to manage time on my fitness regime, family as well as my professional responsibilities.