Asad 15th – A day to remember

There is something special about Asad, be it the earthy smell, the soothing sound of raindrops splattering on rooftops or the smiles of our diligent farmers; Asad is a significant month in Nepal.

As a country where agriculture is still a major income source for many, the monsoon is no less than a festival. Even though the entire month of Asad is an important one, the 15this the most momentous day of the month and is commonly known as the National Paddy Day. On this day members of the agricultural community are seen parading the village while flaunting their traditional attire. Similarly, women of the Newari community wear their famous traditional apparel; the classic Haku Patasi along with scintillating ornaments to mark the beginning of the festival. Both men and women are seen relishing planting in the muddy fields while singing “Asade Geet” in unison. The community spirit engraved inside their hearts and the brotherhood between them becomes apparent as we can discern them holding hands and praying for a prosperous agricultural year.

Folk song battles, rice-planting competitions and the execution of various games amplify the vibrancy of this day. Men and women are given a different set of responsibilities. Men plough and level the field, arrange drain water, and make fine mud slurry for plantation while women gather seedlings and pass them to those who are ready for plantation. Every member of the community has a part to play. In the afternoon, the atmosphere is even more farcical as men dress up as women and conduct plantation while dancing and singing. After a worthwhile day full excitement and work, people sit down and enjoy a bowl of dahi chiura (curd and beaten rice).

Asad 15th marks the end of the planting period and is more than just a fun-filled day; it is a day in which community members get to bond with one another and spread happiness along with well wishes. Moreover, this day is the perfect epitome of unison and solidarity, where many become one and one become many.

Many tourists love discerning the execution of this idiomatic day and also participate in running competitions- the only twist is that the track is not a conventional one but rather is a muddy paddy field. If you enjoy dancing like no one is watching and do not mind getting all dirty and muddy we recommend you to make a visit to one of these sites on the 15th of Asad.