Unravel Thamel

The most central part of Thamel- Chaksibari Marg, is one of the pioneer streets in the hotel and travel industry of Nepal. Chaksibari Marg is home to flourishing new businesses as well as seasoned veterans.
Roadhouse, a well-known name in the food and service business, has entered the hospitality sector by introducing Hotel Roadhouse. With its façade designed to pay tribute to intricate Newari architecture, the hotel holds all the modern amenities inside to provide a comfortable experience to all the guests.
Thamel is right in the middle of Kathmandu valley, and Hotel Roadhouse is located in the heart of this thriving center; conveniently accessible from different landmarks inside Kathmandu. With the place swarming with bars, live music, and cafes and restaurants from all over the world, Thamel is considered to be the most diverse place in the capital. From locally made Chatamari to high-end Italian pizza, from age-old antique stores to next-gen tech-shops, from local fabric stores to chic designer shops, Thamel exudes versatility and diversity in all that it holds.
Distinct from most markets, the Thamel-area harbors all kinds of businesses to help mobilize all that is available to businessmen trying to gain market share for their products. Famed as a tourist haven, travel agencies are aplenty with attractive tailor-made tour packages to make the next travel season, your best travel yet.
Thamel’s alleyways lead to several historic sites of Kathmandu valley, the nearest major heritage site, being the Kathmandu (Basantapur) Durbar Square. One can get a gist of the flavors of Nepal with assorted food vendors, temples, monasteries, art and architecture. Although much was dismantled in the unfortunate earthquake of 2015, sites like Bikramshila Mahabihar, Bhagawati Mandir, Hanuman, Ganesh and Shiva Shrines, Chhwasal Ajima Sthan are still standing with many locals coming to pay their respects daily.
After a long day of wandering the rustic and charming corners of the Kathmandu Durbar Square, you can walk back to the glorious night-life through the streets of Thamel. Vibrant lights, prayer flags fluttering through the streets, live music, gives life to this part of town, creating a festive mood every night. If you’re looking for a place that has many options at night, the streets of Thamel are filled with historic and modern experiences, sights, and sounds. In a city that is known as one that is early to rise and early to bed, Thamel is a part of the city that holds a life force staying open longer than any other part of the Kathmandu Valley. When you stay at Hotel Roadhouse, you can take part in the hustle bustle of the streets, or you can enjoy the quiet comforts of your room, all within walking distance of your stay while visiting Nepal.