Amalgamation of newari
heritage and modernity

The Roadhouse hotel is a tribute to refined Newari architecture. The four-floor boutique hotel is situated alongside Roadhouse Café in Thamel. The exterior of the hotel is a reminder of the lavish lifestyle that Newar traders enjoyed in the 17th century. Centrally located, in the heart of modern day Kathmandu, the hotel is traditional in outlook but filled with the comforts of contemporary amenities. The Roadhouse hotel is an amalgamation of respect for the roots of Newari heritage, and the movement of this generation towards modernity. The style is marked by striking brick work and a unique style of wood carving rarely seen outside Nepal. The ambience is reminiscent of a walk back in time, and every corner has exquisite woodwork interlaced with minimalistic design work.

The Logo

The Hotel Road House logo is a tribute to peacock windows seen in old Newari palaces. In hindu-buddhist culture, the peacock is viewed as a symbol of good luck and prosperity.